heute abend in Berlin: Burning Man Kurzfilm in Neukölln

Veröffentlicht: 8. November 2012 in Allgemein

Frisch reingekommen für heute:

Als Vorprogramm für ein Konzert ( https://www.facebook.com/events/441782985880150/ ) im Loophole, Boddinstr. 60,

aus dem Facebook-Ankündigungstext:


The film is a 28 min. documentary about the Burning Man festival, which takes place in the Nevada desert once a year. The festival is a neo-hippie, transgressing and fantastical event which has the slogan „no Spectators“. The central event is the burning down of a huge figure of a man, and this is also the only planned part of the festival, everything else is created by the participants.


„My intention with the film was to make an experimental documentary which would convey the feeling of being in this experience – the wonder, the chaos and the tragedy of this utopian enactment being only for a short, temporary moment and then fading away as people return again like sheep to take up their normal positions in society again.“


..doors open 20.30, screening sharp at 21.00.. dont miss this!


the evening starts with a screening of the documentary movie

THE BURNING MAN (21.00 sharp)

followed by the electronic live set byANIL MACWAN



Wir spielen unser nächstes Konzert im Loophole in Neukölln, das gerade nach einer Umbaupause wieder aufgemacht hat.
Des weiteren gibts ein live electronic set von ANIL MACWAN
und eventuell noch einen DJ.

We’re gonna play our next concert in lovely loophole in Neukölln, which just re-opened after massive reconstructions!
Furthermore there will be a live electronic set by ANIL MACWAN
and eventually a DJ.


the shows start around 22.00



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